Hello my loves,


I started my small business in the crisp months of fall, circa 2016. What started off as a desire to showcase my little ink creations with fellow artists via social media, led from one amazing event to another, until finally blossoming into the thriving art beast it is today. 

These days you can find me sketching, alone with a coffee in hand, in my art studio, surrounded by rough design concepts nailed to the walls, buried in a fantasy books or dancing to my record player. My art is my soul, these creations are my life's joy. They're created without ego or thought. They simply are. An extension of me and my craft is born of what flows through me with little effort. 

I have showcased my artworks at private events, The Oddities Flea Market in Downtown L.A curated my Ryan Mathew Cohan ( TLC's Oddities show ), and my long time favorite event...The Dapper Day Expo at the Disneyland Hotel! I love connecting with my fans in person and new and upcoming events will be posted to my Instagram ( @Lauryn.illustration ), so keep an eye out!

People will ask me where my inspiration for my art comes from. Where it's born inside me is simple. I create what my mind escapes to when I have moments in between our everyday life, like the unseen realm between this world and the next, and I let myself become consumed in all the many atoms of my wandering Aquarius brain. I'm immensely inspired by mythology, magic, fantasy, folklore and of course the representation of women as the magical and sultry creatures we are. Sometimes that might be the delectable pinup era pf the 1940's-50's, other times it's a mixture of illustrative spooky art. The undercurrent of my artwork is shadowed in lovely dark romanticism. Pulling on my love for both horror genres and the twisted mythology of times past. If you connect with my art...chances are you have a little witch buried in your heart somewhere!

My art is created mainly through ink and acrylics, though sometimes I do dabble in digital art. All orders are lovingly packaged up and shipped out from my little art corner of the world here in Southern California. I am truly so very grateful for all the love + support I receive from my fans on a daily and I cannot express enough just how much that fills my veins full of gratitude and immense joy! THANK YOU all for your continued support and as long as there is air in theses lungs of mine, I will continue to create lovely art creations for you all. 

Many blessings to you! 

Lauryn Barnes 


"You have chaos in your soul,

and lightening in your veins,

You, my dear, were made for wild, magical things."

- Erin Matlock