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Listing is 1 "VICTORIA" art print!


Victoria sits on a shelf of a very popular Haberdashery in a very busy city. It’s Halloween time & she is the center of the yearly haunted display in the store’s front window. At first glance she is a just a very opulent porcelain doll, but if you look closer, she is very much alive. She enjoys watching the customers happy faces from inside the glass.

One twist from a key in her back, and Victoria starts to dance. Lifting a smiling pumpkin in the air, while a joyful ghoulish tune plays around her. Her silk costume shining underneath the newly fashioned Edison lightbulbs. A sweet reminder that it’s ok to smile, to be silly, and sometimes quite tricky!


* All art prints are printed on fine art paper. *


5x7 - Art prints are printed on Semi-Gloss art paper.

8x10 - Art prints are printed on Semi-Gloss art paper.